Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next course, what does it cost and how do I book?
Due to the small class size, booking is essential. Please contact me for availability and to reserve a space. If you are keen to get started you can join another class that has availability then transfer to your first choice of venue when a space becomes available. The classes operate all year round so your personal 8 week course will start on your first visit.
The courses run consecutively in 8 week blocks & repeat continuously throughout the year. All classes are “multi-level” & suitable for beginners.

Please download and complete a Client Screening Questionnaire and bring it to the class on your first visit.

Pilates Prices

8 consecutive weeks course (one class per week): £80.00

Online Zoom classes, 8 consecutive weeks course (one class per week): £76.00

payable at the first class by cheque or in advance of the first class by bank transfer(BACS).

Spaces are limited - courses must be pre-booked and pre-paid or paid at first class. To inquire about availability:

Please call 07882 359741 or e-mail: diane@sideys-pilates.co.uk

 Why Choose Pilates? Pilates is a balanced safe relaxing form of exercise. It combines the focus on suppleness that you find in yoga with strength movements you find in the gym. By correcting our posture, through Pilates we can strengthen our bodies against future injuries.

What Happens During A Pilates Session? Most of my classes are group mat work classes with a maximum of 13 or 14 people depending on the venue hall size. The class normally begins with a few gentle stretches to relax and get you focused then we move onto a series of exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles. During the class the whole body is challenged through various movements leaving my clients lengthened, energised and yet relaxed.

What to wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. Socks may be worn-no shoes.

Do I need to bring a mat?

Yes, due to hygiene purposes you need to provide your own mat, I do not provide any mats.

Can Pilates help me lose weight?

Pilates on it’s own is a perfect low impact strength training regime, however it is not a cardiovascular workout. It is effective in increasing tone and changing the shape of your body by increasing muscle mass but if your goal is to lose weight it is recommended that you combine Pilates with Cardiovascular workouts.

What if I have an injury or pre-existing medical condition?

Before you attend a class you will need to seek medical advice and obtain permission to start exercising.

Should I eat before a Pilates session?

A light snack beforehand is fine but it’s not a good idea to eat a heavy meal directly before exercising.

In ten lessons you’ll feel the difference,
In twenty you’ll see the difference,
And in thirty you’ll have a new body !
-Joseph Pilates

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