Popular  -Oh yes!!

Inspiring  -Always
Lively  -Can’t beat her
ware  -Especially those members of her class who are in their twilight years!!
eacher  -Excellent and always takes trouble to help those with any aches or pains
nergetic  -Untiring – amusing, and her classes are fun!
idey  -There is not another like her – SHE IS THE BEST!!!

(April 2015)

Having Pilates classes to look forward to every week has definitely helped me get through this year and has been a huge help with my knee problems. I'm so glad and grateful that you were able to go online - Fiona (February 2021).

Pilates has been my only zone out/get away/me time during the week and more particularly during the lockdowns, I'm so grateful for your classes and the online streaming and all the extra classes you've allowed us to join in on. Thank you so much, I'd honestly be lost without them, physically and mentally -Mariella (January 2021).

"When the Lockdown started I thought “that was it for Pilates for the foreseeable future” and i was devastated at the thought but Diane has embraced the new technology and the Zoom sessions completed in our own homes have been so much better that I ever thought possible. They are professionally conducted and the technology to join is simple.  I work just as hard as in the face to face classes (I think anyway!) and there is still some opportunity for some social banter at the start and finish.  I'd encourage anyone to give it a go and surprise yourself"
-Margaret Winter (July 2020)

"Diane, thank you for setting up the online Pilates classes during lockdown - it has brought structure to the week and kept us all going. It's lovely to catch up with everyone and balance out a bit of the lockdown eating"-MJ (July 2020)

"I'd never even heard of Zoom before March! I wasn't sure I'd get the hang of it, but it's been great - just as if you are in the room with us. Although sometimes I wish you couldn't see and I could cheat!"-Mary (July 2020)

"Pilates is boring everyone tells me…… No way, not in Diane’s class!  The hour flies by and we laugh through the pain each week.  Best class I have ever done plus I have a waist again!"-Caroline Morrison (April 2015)


“I have been attending Diane’s Pilates classes since 2008. I have found Diane to be entirely competent and professional with her clients-she is also very knowledgeable about her subject and very reliable. I feel she always has the welfare of her clients at heart and is still able to make the classes great fun” -Ellie Barnett (April 2015)


 “I have enjoyed attending Diane's class for 6 years. The class is friendly, I like the type of exercises and I find it a good addition to the variety of ways of keeping fit” -Jan Forbes (April 2015)

“After suffering a frozen shoulder I wanted to improve my posture and flexibility and decided that Pilates might do the trick. I joined one of Diane's classes in August last year as a beginner. After 6 months of going every week I went to visit an old friend I hadn't seen for over 9 months. Almost the first thing she said without any prompting was "your posture has really improved!" Diane's skills plus her down to earth and good humoured approach makes each class fun”
-Fiona Crutchfield (April 2015)

‘Have tried all kinds of exercise over the years, but this is the one class I really look forward to and have stuck with. It’s a great effective workout, and has helped relieve my long running back problems. The class is made up of all ages and abilities, and Diane makes sure everyone gets the most out of it. The good fun and great banter at the Friday morning class really sets me up for the weekend.”
-Tracey Bird (April 2015)

"Mats Chat and Motivation - the best hour of the week with exercise and laughter, coupled with great banter and usually a good recommendation for a new place to eat out, as  a reward for our hard work with a friendly welcoming instructor"
-Margaret Winter (April 2015)

"I have arthritis mainly in my knees and although i do find some of the exercises difficult for me, Diane is always aware of my ‘limitations’ and gives me alternatives.I am able to fully participate in the class and do not feel left out.”
-Anne McLean (April 2015)

“After many years of suffering with a sore back I was recommended to take up Pilates by a Physiotherapist. It’s now 5 (?) years since my back gave me any problems and Diane's teaching has been key to my ability to stick with it. From lesson one, clear instruction coupled with a relaxed and inclusive environment has made it easy to turn up each week... I really feel the benefit”
-Alan Taylor (April 2015)

“I've had back and neck problems for a few years and the physiotherapist and chiropractor both recommended Pilates. I've been going to Diane's classes for a few years and have definitely felt that my health has improved. If I miss a class I feel the difference. I'm not someone who goes to any kind of exercise class and I don't think I would have kept going to Diane's classes if she hadn't been so efficient and  professional, while having a great sense of humour”
-Sheena Holden (April 2015)

“I was a total newcomer to Pilates 4 years ago when I was advised by my physio to try it - after years of back problems. I thought exercise from now on would consist of 'a good brisk sit'!!  Diane is motivating, informative and great fun. There is no pressure, the environment is very friendly with music and candles...& very calming. I always leave feeling much happier/taller/fitter than when I arrived. Lovely teacher, great class...and my back is MILES better”-Elaine Crolla (March 2015)

“I’ve been coming to Diane’s Pilates class since she first started over 12 years ago and I still enjoy it. Sometimes it can be quite hard work but she also mixes it with fun and runs a very happy group. I’m not young now (enough said!) but I’m still fairly active and I really do think that a lot of the credit for that should go to Diane’s classes
-Mavis Campbell (March 2015)

“Get fit and tidy with Diane Sidey.
A fun class with exercises that everyone can do.
Always feel good after a class
Highly recommend”

-Lesley Moyes (March 2015)


 “If you are looking for just exercise..this is not the place for you. However, if you want to "sculpt your body", enjoy relaxing music, soothing lighting and exchange views on life, you will fit in fine. Classes at different times and places have quite a different feel but whatever you choose the exercises are very effective and you couldn't have a more entertaining and able teacher” -Dr Suresh Sanders (March 2015)

“I have been attending a weekly class for 12 years and have thoroughly enyoyed every minute. A highly qualified and motivated teacher brings a blend of hard work, variety and lots of fun. I would recommend that you join a class without delay”
-Hilary Lothian (March 2015)


“I'm so glad that I got a much sought-after place in this class. As a working parent, I really crave this precious hour of 'me-time' in the week! The exercises are explained really well and Diane gives different versions to choose from based on experience and fitness levels. Diane is lots of fun and her banter keeps you going and helps the time pass quickly when you're working hard! Diane also sets the lighting nice and low which - along with the friendly atmosphere of the class - makes the whole session feel very calming”-Amy McDonald (March 2015)

“I have been going to Sidey’s Pilates since December 2012. Being male I was not sure how I would fit in but Diane made me feel welcome from the start. It's fun and run professionally and really makes a difference. Go on give it a try you'll really enjoy it”
-Jonathan Clarke (March 2015)

“Many thanks for all your help and encouragement over the years. I immensely enjoyed your classes as it was a demanding but fun workout. In addition to being a great teacher of Pilates I felt that you added more to it with your good sense of humour and lovely personality, great music, special lighting and the wide range of equipment provided. I will in addition to the exercise, miss the episodes of painted toe nails and hairdos and the enjoyable banter. You do have a talent of determining what would make the class enjoyable for all your clients and it is the best exercise class I have attended”
-Maria Menezes (January 2013)

“I was a bloke at 50+ and 5’7” with a sore back. I heard that the Scottish rugby team do pilates and pilates is good for sore backs so i thought I should try it. I did and now i stand differently, i walk differently and i sit differently. I even lie in bed differently. I am still a bloke, 50++ now but 5’8” and no sore back!!”
-Paul (January 2012)

“As a newcomer to Pilates and to the class I was made to feel welcome, everyone in the class is so nice. Diane demonstrates and explains the techniques of each exercise clearly and there is always good banter to keep everyone going. I was advised to take up Pilates by a physiotherapist after a back problem and I've found it really beneficial.” -R.Scott (January 2012)

“I have been going to Diane’s Pilates classes ever since she started so I know how well qualified she is and how much work she puts in to preparing them. I’m in my mid-seventies and I’m really quite fit and very active-I really do believe that, to a great extent, this is thanks to Diane’s classes. The exercises keep your muscles strong and give you a good stretch as well and they’re all done to lovely relaxing music. It’s not all work though, we have fun and a laugh. Even on a cold, wet winter morning you leave the class feeling better in every way-I would recommend the classes to anyone!”-Mavis (January 2012)

“Diane’s Pilates-the cure for the Monday (and Wednesday!) blues!” -Jenny and Susan“Diane’s Pilates cured my back problems”-Yvonne

“Diane’s Pilates-we feel invigorated and motivated after the class”-Mature movers group (Friday class)

“The classes have a very relaxed atmosphere and Diane’s sense of humour helps you through even the difficult exercises”-Wendy

“I always leave the class feeling taller, slimmer and more relaxed than when I came in”-Alison

“Beauty tips and entertainment are the extra bonus in Diane’s classes”

“My favourite hour of the week, Diane’s class makes Monday worth looking forward to!”-Shirley

“Pilates reaches the muscles other exercises can’t reach!”-Hilary

“It’s good for you and it’s good fun, add to that great music for exercising and relaxing to, and you have the perfect recipe for an enjoyable class” -Mavis

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In ten lessons you’ll feel the difference,
In twenty you’ll see the difference,
And in thirty you’ll have a new body !
-Joseph Pilates

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